The Latest Technology in the Medical Field is Cool Results of research by various universities

Health is one of the things that from time to time is increasingly being developed about medicine and also medical facilities that are currently based on technology. Technology is also one of the important things that everyday people use in modern times.

In this world of health, technology is increasingly being developed to make it easier to make drugs, research new viruses or diseases, also to help in the recovery of patients. The following are the latest technologies.

Technology for connecting skin and bone cells.

You know, when people get accidents plus broken bones, how panicked are they? Of course, it needs fast medical treatment if this happens. Especially about connecting bones. Regarding this matter, medical people develop a fast handling technology.

Research conducted by Ohio University which found a treatment medium in the form of a special "chip" that can directly connect skin cells and bone to hold it temporarily, so that your fracture is not too painful before getting further medical treatment.

This special chip is about the size of your smartphone sim card that has been programmed specifically to be able to directly combine skin cells. In addition, there are other findings from Ohio University which are named "cargo" or an electric shock that is supplied with a certain electric current, which can instruct your skin to close the wound quickly.

The invention of Tissue Nanotransfection or TNT technology was initially tested on mice and pigs. The surprising thing happened, it turned out that the rat's feet were deliberately badly injured, by implanting this TNT technology the blood flow in experimental mice could return to normal and this technology could also make nerve cells in mice get back to normal after mice suffered minor damage to their brains.

Fat burning technology.

For those of you who are obese, new findings in the medical field are also predicted to be very helpful for you. The technology that will help melt a lot of fat is called "microneedle patch" with nanopatch technology.

This technology was made by researchers from Colombia University Medical Center. But not everyone turns out to be able to apply this technology. Those who have or are taking a diet drug, where the effect that works is to convert brown fat into white fat must have a certain period of time so that the effects of diet drugs are reduced.

The workings of the microneedle nanopatch are to control the drugs that have been injected into the microneedle into certain areas that have been determined by medical personnel. for example, only on the skin and after that brown fat will melt slowly into the form of nanoparticles.

For your knowledge, humans have two types of fat. First is the type of white fat and the second is called brown fat, or commonly called saturated fat. White fat itself functions as a reserve of energy in the body, and don't be surprised why a boarding house won't die even if they don't eat for several days. Yes, as long as you keep drinking, it's still safe, at best, you faint. While the function of brown fat itself is fat that settles more often.

Research conducted at ACS Nano, an experimental mouse showed the results of a 20% decrease in fat levels in the body of mice after testing using microneedle technology was in line with the decrease in glucose levels in the blood of mice.

Technology controller with the mind.

For people with paralysis, it is certainly a difficult thing for them to do the various activities that they need by just running everything alone.

If you are a fan of sci-fi genre or fantasy genre you are certainly no stranger to movie scenes featuring super-sophisticated technology that can read what someone thinks and then run it. As if, someone only relies on his mind's ability as well as an ability to be faithful.

In this modern age, you should not be surprised if technology capabilities can be equated with telepathic abilities through "Brain-Computer Interfaces" or BCIS, an important discovery from the results of Graz University of Technology research.

This technology is called Brain Composer technology. The discovery of technology in the medical field can capture messages in the brain, then continue to be a command for almost all the mild needs needed by a patient with paralysis. Such as helping patients to write something down.

In the study, the researchers made 18 samples of people to test. They made a connection with music maker software. Then the symbols and notations light up before they are detected on the screen, while the note notes that are in someone's mind, this tool still concentrates on the tone. BCIS translates the focus of data in the human brain and then as output this tool helps translate what someone wants.

Cancer detection pen.

Cancer is still a serious disease that many people fear. How not to be afraid, from the cost of treatment and drugs that are not cheap in price are some of the things for most people to be an addition to life.

But you don't need to be afraid anymore and can actually be detected earlier at a young age with the discovery of a cancer detector as a result of a University of Texas study of a pen in the form of a device, and also called Masspec Pen. This pin serves to distinguish cancer during the healing period within 10 seconds.

Using Masspec Pen there is a method that can detect cancer as Frozen Section Analysis for 30 minutes or more towards the sampling process. Amazingly, 10-20% of cancer cases can be detected even if these cancer cells freeze.

The way this MassPec Pen works is by comparing several molecules called metabolites. It is this part that produces tissue cells by releasing a few drops of water that absorbs thousands of metabolites and passes them through a spectrometer because these metabolites are produced from cancer cells that are separate from normal cancer cells. Then this cancer detection pen immediately detects whether or not cancer is detected.

And a study also analyzed that tissue taken from 253 cancer patients, planned to use this cancer detection technology in the future in surgery.

That is what we can inform and we explain about our article, Health technology is growing but you also have to better prevent disease rather than treat diseases because the more sophisticated technology the costs will also increase.

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