Security technology when using mobile phones in a vehicle or on foot

Researchers at Purdue University are looking for new ways to warn pedestrians who are bothered by the use of a smartphone against emerging vehicles. This is an effort to reduce pedestrian mortality, which has been on the increase recently.

The Governors Highway Safety Association reports that 5,984 pedestrians were killed in 2017, while other types of road deaths have fallen.

"This is an increasing problem in the United States with more pedestrians and drivers distracted by their cell phones," said He Wang, an assistant professor in Purdue's Computer Science Department, who created the technology along with his student, Siyuan Cao. "Now we've created an innovative system to use the same phone to save lives."

The Purdue team has developed a system called PHADE that allows public monitoring to send alerts directly to smartphones.
This technology will be presented during the UbiComp conference in Singapore in October.

Although conventional data transmission protocols must first examine the IP or destination MAC address, this system uses a motion pattern as the address code for the communication. The smartphone then decides locally if it receives the message.

"This system allows cameras to spy on the public through their respective smartphones," Cao said. "The camera can send immediate warnings to pedestrians that the car is coming."

Get direct messages

Pedestrians receive a message to their phone that reads, "Danger because a vehicle is approaching."

The PHADE system works with servers to receive video streams from cameras to track people. The camera sets up packets by connecting messages to the address code and sending packets.

After the packet received, the mobile device from their respective destinations using sensors to extract the behavior of the owner and following the same transformation will receive a second address code. If the second address code matches the address code in the message, the mobile device automatically sends a message to the owner.

"Our technology serves as a bridge between cameras and people," Wang said. "Surveillance cameras are widely used today and the human and artificial intelligence systems take a host of information from a video camera used. Our innovation makes this information a life-saving application. "

Cao said surveillance cameras and security companies would also be able to integrate technology directly into their products as a key feature. This technology can also be used in shopping malls, museums, and other places to send messages to people without compromising their privacy.

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