Researchers Develop Battery Source Gadgets from the User's Body

Scientists at the Surrey Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) describe innovative solutions for the generation of electronic devices and gadgets using triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs). Together with human movement, TENG can gain energy from common sources of energy such as wind, waves and engine vibrations.

TENG is an energy generator that uses contact between two or more ingredients to create electricity. The material can be either hybrid, organic or inorganic.

This research was published by the journal Advanced Energy Materials.

ATI researchers have explained step by step how to build the most efficient energy harvesters. This study presents the "TENG Power Transfer Equation" and "TENG impedance plots" tools that can help to improve the design of the TENG power output.

Professor Ravi Silva, director of ATI, said: "A world where free and renewable energy really appeals to us at the ATI (and the University of Surrey) TENG can play an important role here Dreams come true TENGs are ideal for the Lighting portable devices, Internet tools, and independent electronic applications - this research brings ATI to the leading position in the world to design optimized energy harvesters. "

Ishara Dharmasena, the project's lead researcher, said, "I am very excited about this new research." Change the way we understand energy harvesting. "The new tools developed here will help researchers exploit the true potential of triboelectric nanogenerators to design the optimal energy recovery unit for specific applications. "

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