Independent Living Technology Transfer Case

A non-profit organization established after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Pathfinder provides information and assistance to parents, people with disabilities and their caregivers on how to live as independently as possible. The basic value is to promote independence. Culture in Pathfinders is one of friendly support. Pathfinder's Information Technology Command proposes a project to design and build a network infrastructure that provides security for sensitive data, data storage, Internet access, e-mail access, updated applications and devices, and user training. Changing the environment will affect the organizational structure and culture of Pathfinder. This paper discusses organizational changes that are caused by technological changes.

Technology transfer

Technology transfer explains activities that have the purpose of building measurable practical improvements through the application of new practices. Assistive technology helps to reduce the disparities experienced by persons with disabilities and the elderly in completing daily activities. Some of these technologies are text phones, Braille displays for computers, infrared routers, prostheses, and utilities. Introducing and encouraging the use of this technology and many other Pathfinder consumers is the responsibility of independent biologists.

Independent life professionals help consumers determine the assistance technology required, apply for funding to purchase technology and educate the public about the different technologies available. But to provide its services to its customers, Pathfinders must adapt to current IT.

Strategies for technology transfer

Understanding the relationship between technology transfer and process improvement is key to Pathfinders' approach to change. Technology cannot be changed without affecting operations or employees using technology, whether it improves productivity or reduces cost or fundamental changes in the way. A number of key issues must be addressed so that technology is successfully transferred. Divided into several categories. Technological problems, process changes, and cultural changes.

Technology problems

Pathfinder will join the information age through installation, new computers, file servers, network printers, local area networks (LAN), and Internet access. The installation process requires that you set up your PC before sending it to Pathfinder, and then visit the official site to build networks and deploy equipment. The computer is unified in Microsoft applications. After network installation, etc., training is provided on the use of the software. With a complete infrastructure installed, each independent biologist and the executive has a personal computer, email and Internet access.

Designing and building a training center allows anyone to come and learn more about computers and office software applications. Pathfinder provides many basic training courses.

In addition, computer books are available for use with computers to learn how to use the program. Internet access is provided. Funding is allocated through federal funds to support changes in technology.

Change the process

Before changing the technology, there were only two separate computers available for use by the staff, and this computer was very old since it was using a DOS application. Employees have to share personal computers or use typewriters to complete correspondence. Data is kept on floppy disks and hard copies. The internet is accessed to find by going to the local library, which spends valuable resources of time and staff. The deployment of a new infrastructure will significantly change the way employees work. Infrastructure changes provide real-time Internet access, improved consumer data, and data security.

Cultural change

Prior to technology deployment, employees were equally knowledgeable in using tools available in Pathfinders. With the delivery of their network, fundamental changes occur in employee dynamics. An atmosphere of hatred develops because of an imbalance in knowledge and workload. Some employees go out of their way to understand technological progress and thus improve themselves and their work. They follow the educational opportunities provided by Pathfinder and increase their knowledge of computer applications. Increase productivity for these individuals, resulting in increased consumer satisfaction from Pathfinders.

On the contrary, there are few staff members holding positions without excluding this change. These people spend much of their time complaining that they can not work with the tools provided, or frequently ask for help from employees who understand technology. Defense mechanisms are used to justify their reaction to new technology. These employees view technological change as a threat and do not want to do anything by improving their computer or work environment skills. However, because training and practice in the use of technological improvements are evolving, revenue begins to increase and resistance begins to decline. The change is difficult in all institutions, but Pathfinders activity is still changing over time.

Pathfinder operations rely heavily on federal grant funds. Every year Pathfinder must predict how to spend money and report on the achievement of the goals of the previous year. The federal reporting system begins issuing a printed report that develops into an online reporting system. Without changes in technology, Pathfinder will find it difficult to apply for federal grant funds or a disbursement report.


A careful study is used to determine whether changes in IT infrastructure are guaranteed in Pathfinder. Potential and expected barriers are identified. One obstacle is the effect that changes in technology will have on the organizational culture of Pathfinder, namely, improving customer service. Pathfinder identifies that resistance to change and fear play a role in the effectiveness of change. In addition, Pathfinder identified that when employees move along the learning curve, technology and technology concerns are increasingly accepted.

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