Filipino Men Successfully make cars float in space

The former dancer and cinematographer Kyxz Mendiola launched a flying sports car, which he called a future car.

When the vehicle was launched, it was seen flying and flying with a single passenger for several minutes, using power from the multicopter technology commonly used in small airplanes without drones or drones.

"All my hard work has been done and the flying car is working well," said Mendiola, quoted by Reuters.

The flying car called Koncepto Milenya could fly up to 6.1 meters high. It can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour but can fly only 10 minutes.

Mendiola told him that it took him a long time to raise money to build components of the flying car, using the power of six lithium batteries equipped with portable radio frequency controllers.

"You just have to push the button and the car will fly and use a controller to drive it," he said.

Vehicles can weigh up to 100 kilograms, and future deployment is designed to reduce congestion in Manila.

In addition, the vehicle has several safety features such as 16 rotating engines. It allows the car to fly on, though there are one or two of them that are damaged.

A company in Australia is now working with Mendiola to develop vehicles after the video has been launched on social media.

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