Tips and Tricks to take pictures of food so cool and elegant

Seeing photos of food from our professional photographers are often taken for a swallow. Even if "only" a photo is as if we were invited to enjoy the delicacy. We can make food photos like professional photographers. You do not even need to use SLR cameras like them. Smartphones can too. You can practice these five tricks:


Lighting is important in food photos. Use soft natural light by placing the food you want to photograph near the window. You can take pictures outdoors when it is cloudy. The use of soft natural light makes food photos as beautiful as the original color and does not create unnecessary shadows.

When photographing with a smartphone camera, you must turn off the flash. Because light from the flash damages the color and texture of food photos.


When taking pictures with the phone's camera, take close-up pictures. Distortions in the photos are difficult to avoid.

To avoid distortion, you can shoot 45 degrees on the object. Can also be vertical from above. Most importantly, never be afraid to try from different angles.


Make sure the food's photo background is clean and simple. Do not let the background stand over the food. Remember, "the main character" in the photo is food.

If you want to provide a background, use ingredients or herbs that are related to the food we photograph. Or cutlery used to consume food that is the subject of photos. But make sure that these objects are not more dominant.


The attractive arrangement makes the viewing of photos better. Be creative, do not limit yourself to standard rules. It is worth trying to photograph a number of features with a theme for the type of food that is to be photographed.

To edit

Not always sophisticated filters can improve the photo quality. If it is not used properly, it may even decline.

What you need to understand when shooting with enough light is that you no longer need to use filters. If you still want to use the application to edit photos, just use the exposure, contrast, and saturation functions.

What are you waiting for, prepare your camera or smartphone, and start photographing your best meal? Do not forget to share it with social media.

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