The Latest This Tool Allows Humans To Live In Water Like Fish

Swimming and diving can be fun and healthy for most people. However, we can not deny that people can not adapt to water in the long term. The reason is that our breathing apparatus is not designed to survive in the water. If we are too long in the water without aids, death will come.

But recently, a designer named Jun Kamei has made a breakthrough. Inspired by aquatic respirators, he managed to create a tool to breathe water. This tool, called Amphibio, is a 3D accessory that works like a gill to help people swimming and diving.

The designer, who is also a graduate of the Royal College of Art, worked with the RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab to develop the device. As CNN reports, the idea arises because, in the future, an increase in the water level in the ocean could be observed. The available data show that the increase in water levels has doubled in the last 20 years compared to the last 80 years. Therefore, he hopes that his discovery will someday be useful to humanity.

"I see how the future of our urban environment will change with global warming, I'm interested in raising water levels," Jun Kamei said.

Amphibio itself is in the form of a vest and mask, which is used simultaneously. The shape is inspired by the amphibious breathing system that can adapt to both land and water. Like gills, this tool can breathe in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. In the water, the wearer simply wears this device and breathes as usual.

Of course, the work of Jun Kamei is still refined and not yet fully used by people. But along with the increasing amount of seawater due to the melting polar ice, this discovery will one day be very useful. Who knows later, we will develop an underwater life as the story of the legend of Atlantis.

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