Here is the development of lighters from time to time who succeeded in changing the world

Matches are one of the most useful things many people always have in their pockets. One could say that his existence has changed the difficult life more easily. If people had to make an effort in the old days, just to make a fire, we just have to snap our fingers. But did you know that matches traveled long enough and through various transformations?

History records that matches were discovered by the Chinese around 950 AD. Since there were no lights at that time, the fire lantern was very much needed at night. The difficulty of making a fire causes a man to develop a new system by using sulfur-enriched pinewood. So a little touch can create fire. However, there are several versions that tell the story of the discovery of games in China.

The discovery of lighters in China spread in a short time around the world. But then, in 1669, a matchmaker named Hennig Brandt happened to create a matchstick. At this time he tried to make gold but failed. Instead of gold, he actually produces phosphorus, which he has just discovered to be flammable.

Since Brandt had no success, he did not continue the experiment and was taken over by his assistant Robert Boyle. He coated coarse paper with phosphorus and wood chips with sulfur. When wood chips are pulled, the paper burns. Unfortunately, the invention is difficult to develop because the price of phosphorus was very expensive at that time.

From time to time, experiments continue to produce fire. Some scientists are experimenting with the replacement of phosphorus by other substances. Most impressive, however, was a pharmacist named John Walker, who mixed antimony sulfide, potassium chlorate, gum, and starch with a wooden stick. Surprisingly, the stick burned while rubbing on the stone floor. Since then, the games have been commercialized and branded Lucifer.

In 1830, Charles Sauria began using phosphorus again because it was able to remove bad odors and prolong burning time. However, since white phosphorus has proved to be toxic, it is switched to red phosphorus. In 1844, friction lighters began trading in red phosphorus. Then lighters also became lighters, as we know them today.

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